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  1. Sky River Casino’s (hereafter referred to as “SRC”) mySkyRiver mobile app (hereafter referred to as “mySkyRiver”) is free and available for use to individuals aged 21 and above.
  2. A valid Sky River Rewards account in good standing is required to unlock access in mySkyRiver. Anyone without an account or with an account that is not in good standing will be unable to unlock access in mySkyRiver.
  3. A compatible phone and operating system are required to download and access mySkyRiver from the appropriate app store. SRC makes no guarantees as to the compatibility of a user’s phone or operating system with the current version of the app.
  4. Sky River Rewards players club program (hereafter referred to as “Sky River Rewards”) is also free and available to individuals aged 21 or above that present a valid Federal or State issued picture I.D. or valid passport for enrollment (hereafter referred to as “membership”).
  5. A valid e-mail address is required for membership. The same e-mail address cannot be used for multiple Sky River Rewards or mySkyRiver accounts.
  6. SRC reserves the right to deny application for membership or terminate membership at any time at its sole discretion.
  7. Certain team members of SRC are ineligible for membership in Sky River Rewards as defined in the Team Member Gaming Policy and therefore will not be able to access mySkyRiver.
  8. Sky River Rewards members should notify The Sky River Rewards Club of any name, address, e-mail address, or telephone number changes to continue to receive information on Sky River Rewards including offers, benefits, or other promotions.
  9. The benefits of the Sky River Rewards card are intended for the use of the person listed on the account (hereafter referred to as “member”). Benefits including points, rewards, offers, invitations, and all other items that are a result of membership are non-transferable by sale, assignment or otherwise and are the property of SRC and must be returned upon request.
  10. Valid Federal or State issued picture I.D. or valid passport is required for offer redemption, member account inquiry and use of membership benefits.
  11. The Sky River Rewards member may not allow any other person to engage or transact using their Sky River Rewards card or mySkyRiver account. Doing so may result in termination of membership without the ability to open a new Sky River Rewards account at any time in the future.
  12. SRC is not responsible for lost or stolen cards, including the misuse of lost or stolen cards.
  13. The Sky River Rewards member is responsible for keeping their PIN confidential and secure and is responsible for any transactions accessed using the PIN.
  14. Sky River Rewards members are responsible for ensuring they are properly carded into gaming devices to be properly rated when using a physical card or the cardless feature in mySkyRiver. Proper ratings are required to earn Sky Points and Tier Credits. Any loss of communication between the slot system and the reward system will result in play not being rated and nullification of rewards for that play. Management reserves the right to adjust any Sky River Rewards account due to computer error, machine malfunction, operator error, fraud or other errors including the misuse of the Sky River Rewards card.
  15. If any member has not complied with the rules, regulations, or procedures of the program in any manner and/or there has been an occurrence of misuse of the Sky River Rewards card, fraud, misrepresentation, or improper conduct as determined by SRC, at its sole discretion, SRC may terminate access to mySkyRiver and/or the membership. In lieu of termination, SRC may, at its sole discretion, deduct rewards points, rescind offers and/or downgrade the member’s account status but permit the individual to remain a member and retain access to mySkyRiver.
  16. SRC may suspend access to mySkyRiver and/or membership benefits of Sky River Rewards members who (a) have been issued credit and are in default in repayment of that credit, (b) have had check(s) cashed and returned for non-payment, or (c) are in any other way delinquent with respect to payments owed to SRC. When the suspended member becomes current on all payments owed to SRC, the membership benefits and/or reward points or a portion thereof may be reinstated at the sole discretion of SRC. Depending on the length of time that has lapsed, the member will be reinstated at the base tier status only and no points or offers will be reinstated.
  17. Any Sky River Rewards or mySkyRiver account discrepancies must be immediately reported to the Sky River Rewards Club personnel. The Sky River Rewards Club will determine what, if any, correction will be made at their sole discretion.
  18. All applicable taxes relating to awards or prizes received by the Sky River Rewards member shall be the sole responsibility of the member.
  19. Individuals who are excluded from casino facilities through a government program, on their own request, or at the sole discretion of SRC are not eligible to participate in Sky River Rewards and therefore will not have access to mySkyRiver.
  20. Sky River Rewards members may be eligible for other promotions, incentives and/or real-time rewards that operate in association with the Sky River Rewards program.All rules, conditions and procedures for these promotions will be detailed in the official rules of each specific associated promotion and available upon request at The Sky River Rewards Club.
  21. SRC reserves the right to cancel, modify or suspend this program or any portion of the program in it its sole discretion without prior notice or liability, subject to applicable regulatory approval.

    Sky River SMS Terms & Conditions


    Service Description:  Sky River is offering a SMS text alert program.  Upon joining, you will receive a confirmation text to confirm your participation in this program.  Once enrolled, you will receive recurring monthly marketing text messages from Sky River with special offers and upcoming event promotions. To join, just text JOIN to 98056


    Terms & Conditions:  Mobile phone user privacy is extremely important to us at Sky River. The agreement process is commenced by a user texting JOIN to 98056. The user can then accept this agreement by replying YES MM/DD/YYYY (birthdate) to the Opt-In SMS text message. At any time the user can cancel Sky River’s text message service by replying STOP to this Opt-In SMS text message. Service will continue until user cancels. 


    Limitations – Sky River’s General SMS Service is available on most carriers including CG, ALLTEL AWCC, AT&T Mobility, Boost, Cricket, Google Voice, Metro PCS, Nextel, Rural Carrier Groups, Sprint, Tier 2/3 Carrier Group, T-Mobile®, U.S. Cellular, Verizon Wireless, and Virgin Mobile. Requires text-enabled handset. Carriers listed are not liable for delayed or undelivered messages. Other Network Carriers will be added as they become available.  You must be 21 years of age or older to use this service.


    Message and Data rates may apply.  Messages recur monthly until the user cancels the service.  Consent is not a condition of purchase. 


    General SMS Program Opt-In/Opt-Out:  To sign-up text JOIN to 98056.  To cancel: Text STOP to 98056.  For Support text HELP to 98056 or call 916-866-0200 or email: [email protected]


    Privacy – All customer data will be used only by Sky River.


    Your Consent - By using Sky River’s Service, (you) the user consents to our privacy policy and Terms & Conditions.  To review our Privacy Policy please visit


    Changes to Privacy Policy - In the case of changes to Sky River’s privacy policy, we will post those changes to


    Contacting Us - If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy or Sky River’s service, you may contact us using the information below. 


    Sky River 

    1 Sky River Way

    Elk Grove, CA 95757
    [email protected]

    SMS Help Hotline: 916-866-0200